Can I bring in my own containers/jars to fill?

YES! You certainly can. This way of shopping is becoming increasingly popular! .. and makes life so much easier once you get home. Just pop your shopping straight into your pantry or cupboard.

Simply get one of our friendly staff to weigh your container/jars first so we can deduct the weight once filled.


Are prices the same online as in store?
No, not always. If you have any questions regarding prices, please contact us.


How long does yeast last?

Approximately 3 months. However, it must be kept in the refrigerator for optimum performance.

There is a simple test you can conduct to see if your yeast is still effective. Simply add one teaspoon of yeast and one teaspoon of sugar to a cup half-filled with warm water. If, after 30 minutes or so the mix is reacting and frothing over the cup’s rim, then it is still functioning properly.


How much bread improver do I add to each loaf?

For every 500gm of bread, mix 1 teaspoon of improver.


Can you mix products in the same bag?

Yes, as long as they are the same price. Different priced products must go in separate bags.


How do I store flour, so it stays fresh?

Store flour in an airtight container, and then keep it in a cool dark cupboard or pantry away from moisture.


Do you have products that promote good bowel health?

Yes. We have many products high in fibre and therefore good for bowel health. Some include psyllium, linseed, bran and oats.


Do you have any organic products?

Yes. We have a variety of organic products including wheat, quinoa, flours, spelt bread mix, rye and groats to name a few.


Is Pantryman a franchise?

No. Pantryman is one of a kind. It has been locally owned and operated for over 15 years


Where do your products come from?

Where possible, we like to get our products from Australia. However, at times we need to venture worldwide. We present the product’s origin on the price tags in the shop.


Do you have any products suitable for vegetarians?

Yes. There is a wide range of products such as TVP (textured vegetable protein), beans, nuts and falafel.


Do you have gluten free products?

Yes. We have an extensive range of gluten free products in loose and packaged forms. Our range includes: bread mixes, cereals, flours, lollies, pastas, cakes, gravies and many more.